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Your Burning Questions Answered

The first step is to schedule your free No Sweat Intro. During your No Sweat Intro you will come to the gym, meet with a member of our staff, and discuss what you’ve done in the past, where you’re at now, and what your goals are. During that conversation you’ll also get a tour of our facility, meet some of our coaches, and watch a class live. There is NO working out (get it…? No Sweat!), and there are NO commitments, obligations, or sales pitches. Just come and see what we’re all about!

YES! Every Saturday we have free community classes at 7am and 8am for adults. Can’t make one of those class times? Shoot us an e-mail and we can get it figured out! [email protected].

For youth athletes (kids 6-11, and teens 12-16), they can come and try any class that works for their schedule. Just give us a heads up to expect you! [email protected]

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That’s our job. Our programs are designed for ALL fitness levels, and we meet you exactly where you’re at. Each program offers options for each individual so that you can thrive during the workout on a personal level even if you are just getting started on your fitness journey.

YES! We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt, modify, and scale workouts to fit the needs of each individual. All new members get a free consultation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Coach Carley. If there is a past ailment or injury, you’ll talk with Coach Carley, she’ll evaluate you, then she will let you and our staff know what we need to do in order to keep you safe and eventually rehabilitated and pain-free. From sore knees to low back pain we can still provide you a beneficial training experience and in most cases decrease your pain and improve your movement.

NO! We don’t do contracts of any kind; all of our memberships are month to month.

CrossFit is a part of what we do, but not exclusively who we are. We are a strength and conditioning facility that is also the home to a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit TPA). We offer so many different programs and options that we do not consider ourselves solely a CrossFit gym.

Our classes are an hour long, and everything we do is Coach led; meaning you’ll never have to come in and decide what you’re doing to do that day. We take care of that for you!

You’ll start with a dynamic warm up, and all the muscle groups you’ll be working will be primed and ready to go. From there our Coaches will go over the details of the workout for that day. In those explanations, you’ll get every movement demonstrated, along with all possible modifications and scaling options. Need a particular movement pattern modified? No problem, let our Coaches know and they’ll give you an individual exercise prescription that fits your needs!

When the workout begins, you will be coached on your technique and form to ensure your safety and progress in that movement. You’ll also be encouraged, supported, and cheered for as you do the workout of the day.

Class will finish with a cool down or some sort, along with a lot of laughs, and lot of high fives, and a lot of fist bumps!