Nutrition Challenge Check In: Brie Voelp

Nutrition Challenge Check In: Brie Voelp

Brie started the Movement Class at Crossfit TPA in the beginning of 2019. Before coming to TPA she was a runner and had been attending Crossfit classes at another gym for about 6 months.  She was looking for a change and found Crossfit TPA. She jumped right in and even signed up the Crossfit Open just weeks after starting. In the past, she never loved any class or going to the gym enough to stick with it long term… but she does now!!!

Brie was loving the workouts but was not happy with her current body composition.  In her words, she felt “fluffy” and lacked the level of energy she wanted.

The Spring Nutrition Challenge came at the perfect time and she joined right away. Her focus was not on losing weight but instead she wanted to gain muscle and feel better.  She was also looking for accountability. On her own, making her nutrition a priority felt overwhelming with her busy schedule driving kids around to activities every evening.

Brie had some bad habits she wanted to kick.  She cut out Coke and started drinking more water right away.  She also wanted to reduce her intake of simple carbs and frequent trips to Chick-Fil-A and Applebee’s for dinner.  She was surprised to find that she didn’t miss the pasta and bread that had been mainstays of her diet.

As part of the Nutrition Challenge, Brie was given a personalized plan of what macronutrients to eat each day.  Her prescription of Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats was set up to help her reach her goals and feel better.  This was eye opening for Brie since she had never tracked her food before. She was surprised that much of the protein she was eating also contained a lot of fat (which added up quickly!) and by the amount of carbohydrates in all the processed food she was eating.

Just three weeks into the Challenge and Brie is already seeing results!  She is no longer experiencing an afternoon slump and her energy levels are higher.  She is seeing improvement in her gym performance, especially her gymnastics. She has also seen changes in her body composition, in her words “I feel like I’m toning up!”  Her schedule is still crazy, but she has found a way to make better choices when eating out and packing a cooler bag to keep in her car on busy evenings with snacks and food to keep her on track.  With the knowledge she has gained and a little planning, she is finding that making her nutrition a priority is doable, even with her busy schedule.



Meghan Morris, Nutrition Coach

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