Member Shout Out – Emily Rastatter!

Member Shout Out – Emily Rastatter!

Emily did her first half marathon on February 23rd, a big goal for someone who “hates running”.  On the flat course at Disney she finished in 3 hours 36 minutes, her pace was 16 minutes/ mile.  After that race she committed to changing her nutrition and getting leaner.  Her hard work paid off!!!  She ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 5th and finished in 2 hours and 58 minutes.  That is 38 minutes faster, at a pace of 13:30 minutes/mile!  In the 10 weeks between the two races she lost 17 lbs of body weight which played a large role in her ability to move through the course more quickly.  Her main fear going into the Half was that she would be swept off the course (meaning she would not finish before the roads reopened and would have to be driven to the finish line).  She called me during the race around Mile 10 and said “I am running so fast!  I am not going to be swept!”

In addition to the numerous PRs she has set in the last 3 months, Emily just finished up the 6 week nutrition challenge by completely crushing her time for their benchmark workout. She tested DB Jackie (1000m row, 50 db thrusters, 30 pull ups – 15min cap) and hit the 15min cap completing 11 pull ups. 6 weeks later, by continuing to stick to her nutrition plan and working hard, not only did she finish Jackie within the 15 min cap but had time to spare! Great job Emily!!!!  Attached Image is Emily after 2018 Pittsburgh Marathon Relay and 2019 Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

- Meghan Morris, Nutrition Coach

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