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Matt Bova

Matt’s introduction must start with the understanding that he lives and breathes for his family. “My beautiful wife Jessica and three awesome boys are everything to me,” Matt says.  His boys Lucas-7 Matthew 4- and Andrew -1, are constantly around the gym and have grown up knowing Total Pursuit Athletics as their second home. Physical fitness has become a huge part of the Bova family lifestyle. Whether it is running the boys to a field for their sports games or running the boys to the gym for a kid’s class Matt and Jessica are always on the move.  Often times you’ll catch Matt finishing up his workout before the 5:30A class or see him warming up as you walk out after the 6:30P.   Matt’s determination and dedication is apparent in all he does. One TPA athlete said, “Matt’s Aerobic Capacity Class is the best because he is very serious about taking one step at a time at the gym and in life.” Matt would be the first to tell you that having Jessica and the boys has really helped him evolve as a man, a business owner and a coach. Matt’s main job at the gym is to coach CrossFit classes and an aerobic based conditioning class. Matt has always been a competitive athlete in whatever sport he is playing, but coaching was never on his agenda… until he had kids and met the awesome people at Total Pursuit Athletics. At this point in time coaching and being a dad is the highlight of the day for Matt. He truly enjoys hanging out with his boys and coaching at Total Pursuit Athletics. Seeing the boys or the members at the gym put in a ton of work and get out the hard earned results is incredible to see! Matt is inspired by his family and the members at TPA when they break down barrier after barrier making progress seem almost limitless. If you are a member at Total Pursuit Athletics you should know that Matt is there to help in whatever way possible. Matt’s main purpose at TPA is to help each member start or continue their fitness journey and live the perfect day outside of Total Pursuit Athletics too!

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