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Jessica Todd

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. Jessica’s 25-year long journey with fitness helped her find her gift that she now gets to share with others. Growing up, Jessica was active in sports, playing tennis, softball, and soccer. But while active and strong, she struggled with her body image and gained significant weight in her teens and high school. After getting her weight under control before going off to college, she was determined to not gain the “Freshman 15” but this obsession led to eating and exercise disorders that took more than a decade to face. During that decade, Jessica learned self-love and the best ways she could stay active, be healthy, and train her body. Most of the time, she lifted weights alongside all the guys in the weight room and occasionally took group fitness classes with some girlfriends. While she loved the community of group fitness classes, she didn’t always like what she saw and heard – people didn’t seem to make progress, their improper form wasn’t always addressed, and there was lots of talk about burning calories to “make up” for foods that people ate (which didn’t sit well with her past). This inspired Jessica to become a group fitness Instructor herself but to do it her own way – focusing on loving our bodies and challenging ourselves to see how strong (not skinny) we can be. After three passionate years of teaching group fitness, Jessica realized she could make a bigger impact by working with smaller groups of people, so she became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer. Training one-on-one or in small groups has allowed Jessica to connect with people, understand their stories and individualize programs for their goals, lifestyles, body types, and learning styles.

Jessica approaches strength training as a puzzle; fitting together all the pieces so the client can accomplish their specific goal. Her style combines powerlifting, bodybuilding, and functional fitness in different ratios depending on what the client needs. Her approach with clients is to first see where they are, set a goal for where they want to be, and then develop a plan that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Jessica lives in Zelienople with her husband, Mike, and two boys, Owen and Marco. Her favorite past times are reading, listening to podcasts, going for walks, and watching her boys play baseball and gymnastics.

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