Get to know: Coach Stacey

Get to know: Coach Stacey

We’re thrilled to have Stacey Herzog join our coaching staff at Total Pursuit Athletics! Stacey has an extensive background in collegiate athletics both as an athlete and a coach. In addition, she is a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS). Stacey is currently working with our youth athletes reach their full potential! Let’s get to know Coach Stacey a little better…


Started CrossFit:

I started CrossFit October 2014 as sort of a side gig to compliment my collegiate softball career. I took all of the training seriously and loved all of the new skills but softball was my top priority, so If I made it to the box 3-4 days a week it was a win. After I finished my collegiate career and graduated in 2016, I wanted to become more invested in CrossFit and competing.

Why do you love coaching:

I love helping others reach their individual goals within fitness or life, while providing inspiration and knowledge along the way.

Favorite moment at TPA:

I honestly love every day spent at TPA. The environment/culture is awesome that is set by the coaching staff and members!

Favorite movement to coach:

Kipping pull-ups!

Favorite ‘Girl’ workout:

GRACE, all the barbell cycling!(30 Clean and Jerks for Time Rx 135/95)

Most challenging CrossFit movement:

Strict HSPU

Favorite snack:

Plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter and bananas

What would be your last meal: 

A large Philz Coffee and The Taco Stand’s Asada & Egg Burrito

Any pets:



A sister who is 4 years older who is super into art.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry and why?

Sara Sigmundsdottir. Sara is light-hearted, super focused, and has worked her butt off. She started in an underdog position of being disqualified on the first day of regionals to now competing with other elite athletes. She took ownership of her weaknesses in 2014, put herself in good training environments, and made the necessary changes to be where she is today. Also, Matt Fraser. He is a no frills kind of guy and just works really hard no matter what.

Where are you from:

Smethport, Pa

What’s been the most challenging/hardest part of your journey so far? How have you overcome them?

Being my hardest critic/giving credit when it is due. I always think during training that someone out there is moving faster, lifting more, or just a few seconds ahead of me. It keeps me working hard and improving each day, but I have learned to give myself more credit at times here and there. Although accomplishments are great, there is always more to achieve and improve on!

What new goals do you have on the horizon?

– Reach my full potential as a CrossFit Athlete and see where it takes me.

– Graduate from California University’s Doctorate Program.

Random fun facts:

I used to race motocross.

I love a good 9-10 hours of sleep.

During the winter I love snowboarding.

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