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Total Pursuit Athletics was born in 2018. Before the gym became Total Pursuit Athletics, it existed at CrossFit TPA, The Primal Athlete. As the Head Coach and General Manager for years before this day, Alex Valadja and Jess Bova (along with her husband Matt) worked together towards a dream of one day owning a gym of our own. The opportunity presented itself in May of 2018 and we jumped at the change to pursue our dreams. 

CrossFit TPA (originally The Primal Athlete) started in a garage in February 2012 by Tammy Friedt. What started as a group of friends and former training clients coming together to workout and help others turned into something really special. In May of 2012 TPA moved into its current location, but with only 2000 square feet of our current space. By October of the same year, we doubled our space to 4000 square feet, and continued to grow with a great coaches and an awesome community. By the spring of 2015  TPA expanded again to be 7800 square feet we have today!

As a team Total Pursuit Athletics strives to serve our community by providing optimal health and wellness through fitness, a fun and encouraging environment, and a supportive and caring team of expert coaches. 

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