Take the 800g Challenge

Take the 800g Challenge

There is a ton of Nutrition information out there today and it can get overwhelming.  It is not often that you find a consensus… but it is almost universally accepted that eating fruit and vegetables is good for your health!  But how much should you eat? What kinds of fruit and vegetables are best? And what is a serving? Let’s simplify this!!!

For the month of November our gym-wide nutrition challenge is the 800g Challenge.  You simply need to eat 800g of fruit and vegetables every day.   

Why 800g?  Studies have shown that improved health is associated with eating at least 800g of fruit and vegetables daily.  At this level you would meet or exceed USDA recommendations as well as the recommendations of other worldwide health organizations.  If you are choosing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables would also be getting the fiber and micronutrients you need. 

How much is 800g??  800g fits on a dinner plate. It’s about 4-5 cups.  But I recommend using a food scale!


Carrots 97g Blackberries 105g Banana 126g Pickles 78g Potatoes 230g Cherry Tomatoes 71g Arugula 22g Hummus 71g
Apple 221g Peppers 121g Lettuce 85g Brussels Sprouts 75g Sweet Potatoes 161g Mashed Avocado 65g Raspberries 83g

Why do I love this challenge so much????

No foods are off limits!  As long as you get in your 800g of fruit and vegetables, the rest of your food is up to you.

It can easily fit into your macros.  You can choose higher or lower carb options to still hit your Macronutrient goals.

You have the flexibility to choose fruit and vegetables that fit your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Choosing fruit and veggies at each meal will take the place of poorer food choices you may currently have in your diet.

There is no downside to eating more vegetables!! 

 It is sustainable.  Whether you are at a party, on vacation, eating out or making your food at home you can always stick to the plan of 800g each day. 

What are the Rules??

  1. You can split the 800g up any way you want:
  • all fruit (I don’t really recommend this!!)
  • all veggies
  • cooked
  • raw
  • frozen
  • canned (drained)
  • pickled/ fermented

2. Eat any fruit, vegetable or legume to hit your 800g goal. Pickles, Olives, Beans, Peas, Chickpeas, Coconut are all fair game.

3. Dried Fruit and Vegetables do not count. 

4. Nuts and Peanuts do not count

5. Do not count fruit or vegetables in processed or packaged foods (ie apples in apple pie, potatoes in potato chips, banana in banana bread).

6. You can count fruit and vegetables in a recipe you make, if you weigh them first.

7. Juice does not count… sorry Alex Berries and Greens doesn’t count towards your 800g, but still keep drinking it!

8. Fried Foods don’t count, so if you have french fries they can’t be included in your total.  If you put potatoes (not frozen french fries) in your airfryer you can count it. 

9. If you are eating out, just eyeball it! If possible, use the restaurant’s website to for Nutrition Information.

Are you Ready to get Started??

You can cheat any diet or plan…. The goal of this challenge is to get us all to eat more fruit and vegetables.  So if you are questioning if a food counts, it probably does not.  My hope is that you will reach for raspberries instead of ice cream as a late night snack or carrots and hummus in place of chips and dip while you watch football.  Let’s all go into the busy holiday season being a little more mindful of our nutrition and having a established some new healthy habits!

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